Chemical / Hazardous Material Safety

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I have witnessed an incident, some years ago, of an employee who drank degreaser (chemical product that dissolves water-insoluble substances such as greases and oils from hard surfaces such as floors etc) when he mistook it for water because it was transferred into a used water bottle.

Another related incident some years ago reported that an employee transferred methanol (a toxic, colourless, liquid alcohol type) from a storage drum to a plastic drinking water container marked for drinking water. The container was then stored in the side box of the employee’s truck. The employee forgot that he had placed methanol in the drinking water container, and on the following day he drank from the container.

Many hazardous material management protocols are very clear on containers of food products and other consumables not to be used as secondary containers to contain any transferred chemical. I have seen many times paints, turpentine and hydrocarbons being transferred into used water containers. I think we will be safer if we lay emphasis on the prohibition of use of bottles of drinkables for storing hazardous liquids.

Take your time to interact at your workplace about the safe handling, storage, use and environmentally safe way of disposing of hazardous materials/chemicals.

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