Grill Safety


As we approach the holiday weekend let’s take a look at grill safety. Many of us will be lighting up the grill this weekend having a cookout for friends and/or family.

Whether your barbecue uses charcoal, wood, propane or natural gas, don't even think about firing it up until you are sure it's safe.

Make certain that vents are clean and operable and that there are no areas that... Read More...

Injured on Your Day Off

Behavioral Safety Man sustains serious head injury in industrial accident Worker was picking up his paycheck on his day off.

Springfield News-Sun - October 5, 2012

By Mark McGregor

 A man was in intensive care at a Dayton hospital with a serious head injury after an industrial accident at a Springfield block and brick plant Friday afternoon.

Springfield Concrete Block & Brick Owner...

Killed By Coworker

Small Tools

A faller started his chainsaw and heard a squealing noise from it. He turned the saw over to see if it was catching on anything. It did not appear to be. He then turned the saw to the normal upright position and triggered it again. The chain broke, flipped forward and whipped quickly to the right, striking a co-worker that was standing approximately 1.5 m (5 ft.) away.

The co-worker...

Founder Killed by Forklift


Man dies in forklift accident
METRO EDMONTON - August 07, 2009

A central Alberta man has died after an accident on the jobsite bearing his name.

Donald Laing, 61, died Thursday morning after he was unloading heavy concrete blocks off a forklift.

Investigators believe he got off the machine while it was still running. It rolled forward, crushing him to death.

He...

Eye Injuries - P4


This week we’ve been looking at eye injuries and safety. This topic is as important for home as it is here at work.

Lawn Care

Whether you are mowing the lawn, using the weed wacker or using a chainsaw or pruning sheers to cut back branches on a tree you should wear your eye protection. Each year thousands of people go to the emergency room with eye injuries while taking care of... Read More...

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