Take Two

Behavioral Safety

Richmond Times-Dispatch - August 14, 2009

A worker disassembling a boom from a crane Wednesday apparently removed the pins holding it in place in the wrong order, causing the boom to fall and crush him, Chesterfield County police said yesterday.

Ronald R. Well, 46, of the 2700 block of Goolsby Avenue, was killed instantly. It was his first day on the job, said Chesterfield... Read More...

Chemical Safety at Home

Hazard Communications

With Spring here, many of us will start to utilize fertilizers and other chemicals to help take care of our lawns and gardens. This is a good time to evaluate your chemical storage at home to protect your children or grandchildren.

Poison control centers across the country get more than 2 million calls a year about potential exposure to poisons. Almost all of these exposures occur in... Read More...

LOTO - More Than a Lock Part 1


Lockout/Tagout is more than just putting a yellow lock on the main electrical disconnect to a machine or part of a machine. There are 7 very important steps you must do when putting Lockout/Tagout in place:


NOTIFY – Notify all affected employees that you are going to be conducting a lockout/tagout. PREPARE – Before you begin, be sure you know all the... Read More...

Danger - Hazardous Chemicals

Hazard Communications

Chemicals can present one or more serious hazards to your health and safety.

They can be:

Reactive: may react with air, water, or itself and burn, explode, or release vapors. Flammable: they catch fire easily. Explosive: they explode under certain conditions. Corrosive: they burn the skin or eyes. Toxic: they’re poisonous

Know the routes of entry chemicals can take to get into... Read More...

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