Behavioral Safety

The fellow who always wants to be the center of attraction or who thinks that he has to be the “life of the party”, whether he is at play or work, is the person who usually likes to engage in horseplay.  There is always a possibility of horseplay at work, even in a small group.

We have come a long way over the years – I think that there is less tendency to engage in horseplay... Read More...

Tunnel Vision

Behavioral Safety

We always talk about Take Two before you start a task. We are to look around before we start for any hazards that may cause us, or someone else, injury. But what about when we begin to work? We become so focused on what we are doing, we get tunnel vision and start to ignore what is going around us, especially behind us.

Think about it. How many near misses have there been where someone... Read More...

National Poison Prevention Week


This week is National Poison Prevention Week (3rd wk in March). Each year, approximately 2.4 million people – more than half under age 6 – swallow or have contact with a poisonous substance. Children account for half of the poison emergency calls to poison centers. Those who care for children must always be watchful when household chemicals or medicines are being used. Poisonings often occur... Read More...

Fall Through Floor

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Extension Cord for Pool


Now that solves the problem.


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