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Flying Objects


The One Eyed Carpenter

A carpenter asked his employer to pay for the damage done to his glass eye which was broken when a nail he had been driving flew up and struck it. When he was asked how he lost the eye in the first place he replied, "Oh, the same way, a flying nail." A dark world awaits this carpenter if the next nail hits his other eye before he decides to use safety glasses. It... Read More...

What is a Confined Space?

Confined Space

A confined space does not necessarily mean a small, enclosed space. It could be rather large, such as a ship's hold, a fuel tank or a pit.

One of the first defining features of a confined space is it's large enough to allow an employee to enter and perform work. The second defining feature is it has limited means of entry or exit. Entry may be obtained through small or large openings... Read More...



Have you seen a crucial block lately? We're not talking about football, we're talking about blocking as it relates to safety and your work area. We're talking about blocking important elements of the workplace from access.

One of the most common things you can see during a safety inspection are blocking violations if you know exactly what to look for. What types of things should not be... Read More...

Boy's Arm Severed in Washing Machine


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — A 13-year-old boy whose arm was severed at a coin laundry in Rochester has had the arm reattached by surgeons.

Police say Monday that the teenager reached into a washing machine to remove a sheet on Friday evening and his arm was ripped off when it got entangled in the sheet.

Police spokesman LaRon Singletary says the boy, who was not identified, underwent... Read More...

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