Wearing Earplugs Properly

Hearing Conservation

Remember the saying, "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?" This is really the case with your hearing. Exposure to loud noise and failure to wear hearing protection can make you lose your hearing before you know it.

This loss occurs so gradually, you may not realize it's happening. You may not be aware until it's too late. Physiologically, loud noise severely damages the inner... Read More...

Carbon Monoxide Story


Winter is starting to approach. Soon it will be time to start up your furnace. Along with that comes a dramatic increase in calls to local Fire Departments regarding Carbon Monoxide (CO). This story is from one of our employees and is 2 years old now, but still worth reading and the reminder:

Last Thursday evening about 9:30 p.m. Sara and I are sitting downstairs watching CSI. The three... Read More...

Horseplay Turns Deadly


Forklift runs over and kills worker
December 2008

A 12-year veteran employee was killed in a forklift accident at a machine shop that manufactures and engineers oilfield equipment. Preliminary information gathered at the scene indicates the victim was standing behind a forklift when it backed into him and ran him over.

OSHA is currently investigating the tragic incident...

Lunch on the Skyscraper

Presentations Nice PowerPoint slide show featuring photographs of workers in NYC during the 1930's as they built skyscrapers. Can't imagine working, eating, and doing the things they are doing without a harness on.
Lunch_on_the_skyscraper.pps4.37 MB 

Electric Substation PPE

Electrical Hazards

Personal protective equipment is a very important part of substation safety. All personnel in electric substations shall wear protective clothing, including hard hats, safety glasses, steel-toed shoes, and flame retardant clothing. The type of fflame retardant colthing that will be required will be determined by the most current version of arc flash analysis. Personal protective equipment may... Read More...

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