Safety When You're Working Alone


Working alone is not the best situation, but sometimes it is necessary. In occupations as diverse as home care nurse, security guard, property manager, bulk plant attendant, taxi driver, custodian, logger, ranch hand, retail clerk and oil field mechanic, the worker sometimes spends a solitary shift.

Doing a job alone can be more hazardous than doing the same job in company of others. If... Read More...

Make a Mental Map

Behavioral Safety

When you're on an extended automobile trip, it's a good idea to keep a road map handy, especially if you're in strange territory. Occasionally you may also run across a diagram on the bulletin board or in a newspaper that holds your attention. In either case, the map or the diagram assists you in finding your way around or in obtaining some other kind of information.

Rarely do you see...

Preventing Dermatitis

Hazard Communications

Dermatitis is a painful skin condition which can be prevented. It is caused by a reaction to a substance on your skin. Here are some suggestions on how to prevent it:

Follow safe procedures when dealing with potential irritants. Always read the manufacturer's instructions for using the product. Refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Avoid spills and splashes and clean up messes... Read More...

4th of July Fireworks Safety


Tomorrow is Independence Day, the Forth of July. One of our traditions is to watch fireworks displays or shoot them off ourselves. In 2006, 9,200 fireworks-related injuries were treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms. The trend in fireworks-related injuries has been mostly up since 1996, with spikes in 2000-2001, primarily due to celebrations around the advent of a new millennium. The... Read More...


Behavioral Safety

The fellow who always wants to be the center of attraction or who thinks that he has to be the “life of the party”, whether he is at play or work, is the person who usually likes to engage in horseplay.  There is always a possibility of horseplay at work, even in a small group.

We have come a long way over the years – I think that there is less tendency to engage in horseplay... Read More...

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