Ladder Safety Rung by Rung


A ladder is an essential workplace tool for anyone working above ground level. However, each year more than half a million people are injured while using ladders.

Anyone who uses the wrong ladder for a job or uses it inappropriately is courting trouble. Don’t become a statistic. Remember these ladder safety tips:

- Select the correct ladder. Why waver on the top rung of a... Read More...

Getting the Computer Home

Photographs This is one way to get it home. Can you think of a better way? 


Hazard Communications

Dermatitis is a painful skin condition which can be prevented. It is caused by a reaction to a substance on your skin. The symptoms include red, swollen and tender skin, hot and itchy patches or in severe cases, blisters. Exposure over a long period of time can cause thickening of the skin. In extreme cases it may eventually lead to skin cancer.

Contact dermatitis is caused by direct...

Benzene (29 CFR 1910)

Hazard Communications

General - Benzene is a clear, colorless liquid with a sweet, aromatic odor.Benzene evaporates quickly, dissolves only slightly in water, and is highly flammable.Industry uses benzene to make chemicals for... Read More...

Falls From Any Height


Who needs fall protection equipment? If you said workers building bridges or cleaning office tower windows you would be right. But what about all the workers who work at lesser heights, just a few feet off the ground? They should also be protected from falls - which can be every bit as fatal.

Consider your work area. Are there locations from which someone could fall? What sort of... Read More...

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