Flammable Chemical Fire Prevention

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Flammable Chemical Fire Prevention was created by Safety Toolbox Talk Webmaster

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and chemical labels provide important fire prevention information. Always review the MSDS before working with a chemical. It will tell you how easily the substance can catch fire.

Before you move, handle, or open a chemical container, read its label. Chemical labels often indicate a fire hazard by the color red combined with a number. The number tells you the degree of the hazard:

  • 4 Severe hazard
  • 3 Serious hazard
  • 2 Moderate hazard
  • 1 Slight hazard
  • 0 Minimum hazard

If a chemical is red labeled with a Flammable sticker, remember, it must be stored in a flammable chemical cabinet when not in use. Check your area today before you start work. Ensure all the flammable chemicals are in a cabinet. Also, make sure the cabinet is closed . . . an open cabinet doesn’t do anyone any good.

Help prevent chemical fires . . . it’s up to us all.

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