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In a recently published report on they found that November is the month of the year when most workplace accidents occur in Ireland. The same report indicates that Thursdays is the most dangerous day of the week based on workplace injury claims.

The report indicates that Sundays, when fewer people are working in general, and April are the safest time for employees to work. Additionally, men are twice as likely as women to get compensation for a workplace accident accounting for 7 of 10 awards in Ireland.

So based on that you’ll want to be a women working every Sunday in April . . . correct?

Well, like every other statistic out there, these are a summation of a lot of specific injuries and workplace accidents. Yes, they are very true, but to utilize them in prevention seems a little silly. No matter what the statistics may say the bottom line is that it is YOU and ME who have the ability to ensure that we get home the same way we came to work today. Through our actions, behavior, and awareness we can increase the odds in our favor. Choosing the right tool for the job, focusing on the task at hand, knowing the correct procedure, getting assistance when needed . . . they are all things we can do to increase our odds and not become next year’s statistic.

One final statistic from the report:

They found the following leading the cause for incidents:

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Defective equipment
  • Poor lifting and handling of goods

Does that surprise you? What can you do to decrease the risk of an injury from these here at work?

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