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Traffic Accident Response was created by Michelle Gonzales

Here are some instructions to follow if and when you are involved in an incident.

Some are obvious, other maybe not.

  • Keep accident from getting worse - Put on your flashing lights then get out your Emergency Warning Devices - Seconds Count!
  • If anyone is hurt - Call 911 or send for Ambulance and Police at once.  Stay on the line with dispatcher.  Try to find out victim information: conscious and breathing? Complaint of injury? Age?
  • Call the fire department if there is the slightest possibility of fire.
  • Keep a level head.  Do not argue or make any statement as to who is at fault.
  • Give out no information except:  Your name, name of your company and address, and state tag registration number.  Show your drivers license if requested.
  • Do not leave scene of accident until justified in doing so.  If possible, do not move your vehicle until Police arrive.
  • Get names of witnesses - Ask them to sign a card regardless of who is apparently at fault.  Write down license plate numbers of cars at scene.
  • Complete an accident report even if the accident seems trivial or no contact was made.  This is the best way to protect yourself and your company.
  • Notify your supervisor or company office.
  • Make sure your report is complete and accurate; turn it in immediately to your Company and/or claims representative of your company‚Äôs insurance carrier.

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