Working With Chemicals

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Chemicals play an important role at home, work and play. They include corrosives, solvents, flammables, combustible materials and other chemical substances. They all can be potentially dangerous, but they needn’t be harmful when they are handled, stored and disposed of safely.

You can protect yourself against chemical hazards. Possible solutions include:

  • Read container labels, material safety data sheets (MSDSs) and safe work instructions before handling the chemical. They will list safe handling procedures;
  • Always add acids to water to prevent boiling over or splashing;
  • Use appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) when working with chemicals;
  • Make sure the PPE fits properly and that you know how to use it. Inspect all PPE prior to use;
  • When using respirators, make sure you use the correct canister for the particular chemical and replace it when necessary;
  • Know the location of and how to use the eyewash station, safety showers and spillcontrol stations/materials;
  • Never put your bare hands into any chemical; use the proper glove;
  • Always wash your hands before eating and after

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Mehar Prasad Reddy replied the topic: #238
this is very much helpful
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Alex m replied the topic: #398
What do you mean, add acids to water to prevent boiling over or splashing ? Like exactly what are you talking about ?
Safety Toolbox Talk Webmaster's Avatar
Safety Toolbox Talk Webmaster replied the topic: #400
When diluting acidic or for that matter very caustic solutions that have an acute burn risk; add the dangerous chemical to the water rather than adding water to the chemical to reduce the likelihood of the acid/caustic solutions will splash out of the container.
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Shivam shukla replied the topic: #716
What are do when chemical splash on our body