Preventing Dermatitis

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Dermatitis is a painful skin condition which can be prevented. It is caused by a reaction to a substance on your skin.

Here are some suggestions on how to prevent it:

  • Follow safe procedures when dealing with potential irritants.
  • Always read the manufacturer's instructions for using the product.
  • Refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).
  • Avoid spills and splashes and clean up messes promptly.
  • Wear proper protection for the task. Use the correct gloves or other PPE for the job.
  • Stay clean by using soap and washing your hands and arms. Always rinse your hands and other exposed areas thoroughly. Dry your skin completely with clean paper towels.
  • Use a good hand cream to replace the oils in your skin after washing.
  • Keep your body free of irritants by changing into clean clothes at the end of your work day. Wash contaminated clothing frequently and separately from your other clothing.
  • Never keep an oily rag tucked in your pocket. It can lead to dermatitis under your clothing.
  • Report early signs of skin irritation.
  • Have minor cuts and scrapes treated promptly, because irritating substances can enter the skin through these routes.
  • Report any swelling, redness, or unusual symptoms to your supervisor

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