Missing Ground Prong

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A missing third prong from an electrical plug resulted in the electrocution death of a worker. He was climbing a ladder to hand a power drill to another worker when he received a fatal shock.

Investigators found the extension cord was missing its grounding prong. The grounding wire and the frame of the drill were being electrified off and on by the energizing wire. The drill was not double insulated.

You probably have been told many times about the dangers of using defective electrical equipment. If you have used such equipment and got away with it, count yourself lucky. Your story could have turned out tragically, as it did for this worker.

Remember to inspect a power tool before you use it. If you find signs of damage or wear, discard it or turn it in for repair by a qualified person.

Don't attempt electrical repairs unless you are trained and qualified. And never make alterations such as removing the third prong so you can plug it into a two-prong outlet or extension cord.

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