Killed By Coworker

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A faller started his chainsaw and heard a squealing noise from it. He turned the saw over to see if it was catching on anything. It did not appear to be. He then turned the saw to the normal upright position and triggered it again. The chain broke, flipped forward and whipped quickly to the right, striking a co-worker that was standing approximately 1.5 m (5 ft.) away.

The co-worker moved away from the faller and said the chain had just hit him. He pulled up his shirt and blood was pouring out. The broken drive link had entered his abdomen, passing through the right lobe of his liver, diaphragm, heart and left lung. The faller and another worker put him in their truck and rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Always check equipment thoroughly before using it. If your equipment starts to act inappropriately shut it off properly before inspecting it. Sound is a very powerful tool we can utilize to tell if a power tool or piece of equipment is running properly. Listen for changes in the sound level, pitch or frequency. If you find problems, stop using it, tag it out of service and have it repaired properly.

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