Circular Saw Safety Tips

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Tool Box Talk: Circular Saw Safety Tips

1) Discuss types of work that requires circular saw use.

2) Give this TOOL BOX TALK

Tips for safe use:

  • Do not work alone.

  • Wear PPE (safety glasses and hearing protection).

  • Keep loose hair, clothing, jewelry, and anything that could get caught in the saw tied back.

  • Before the cut, set the depth of the saw to 1/8" thicker than material.

  • Prepare a stable surface to cut material on.

  • Keep guard on saw as manufactured.

  • Blade guard should move freely to both open and closed position.

  • Never cut with a dull blade.

  • Always unplug the saw bef{jcomments on}ore you change the blade.

  • Cut short material from long material first.

  • Stand to the side when cutting material. This positions you away from potential kickback.

  • Hold the saw with two hands while cutting.

  • After your cut, do not let go of the saw while the blade is spinning.

Questions to start discussion:

  1. How can this tool hurt you?

  2. How could you prevent it from happening?

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