Trips and Falls

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Most injuries resulting from falls aren’t caused by falls from over head, as you might think.  They are from falls at ground or floor level where we walk and work.


Housekeeping of a high standard is most important to maintain a safe work area.

  •  Don’t leave trip hazards in the work area.
  • Keep containers on the job for studs and nuts.
  • Equipment and spare parts should be kept neatly in one place.
  • Remove rubbish and scrap constantly
  • Have all surplus materials, rubbish etc. removed on completion of the work.


  • Avoid walking or working on irregular rough ground surfaces.
  • The area should be in a condition that you could get a good shore footing.
  • Don’t short cut over rough areas.

A little thought on the job can avoid many types of leg, feet and toe injuries to yourself or your mates in the area.

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