Stair Safety

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November 20, 2008 - College Station, TX

An accident at Sanderson Farms in Bryan claims the life of an employee.

The Brazos County Sheriff's Department says the incident happened Tuesday afternoon. Emergency crews were called when a male worker was found unconscious. He was taken to the hospital, where he later died from the injuries.

Based on preliminary autopsy results, officials say it appears the employee fell down stairs and died of massive head injuries.

Sheriff's officials say they are interviewing employees at Sanderson Farms, but it appears this was an accident.

Even some of life’s most basic tasks such as using stairs can have deadly consequences. This story highlights the importance of keeping your mind and eyes on task in everything you do.

When using stairs:
- Never run up or down stairs

- Never read papers while using stairs.

- Focus on the stairs, not conversations or other distractions that may be present.

- Always look straight ahead when using stairs.

- Only take one step at a time.

- Get help if you have to carry something up or down stairs.

- Ensure you always have at least 1 hand free when using stairs.

- If the steps are located outside, be extremely careful if it is raining or snowing

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