Memorial Day Safety

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The first three-day holiday weekend of the summer is upon us. We all have various activities scheduled for the weekend, which may include cookouts, picnics, boating, swimming, motor sports, work around the house, etc.

No matter what you have planned, please make safety a part of your weekend. Make your weekend an enjoyable weekend and not a weekend of tragedy. Don’t become a headline on the nightly news.

Be careful with the lighter fluid, wear that life vest, be careful on the ladder . . . you know what to do. Take an extra moment and ensure that everything you are doing is being done safely. Don’t become a statistic of tragedies for the holiday weekend.

If you're traveling this weekend, be extra careful on the road. Many people will be out and about with many things other than driving on their mind. Keep safety in mind at all times.

Enjoy your days off . . . you deserve them, but be safe. . . It will make the weekend more enjoyable.

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