Halloween Safety for Motorists

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This week many will celebrate Halloween where young children dress up in costumes to go from door to door throughout the neighborhood getting treats and candy from neighbors. It is all in fun, but fun can turn to tragedy very quickly as the dark streets are flocked with young children. Motorists have to take special precautions during this time to protect your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews during the festivities.

Here are some Halloween safety tips for motorists:

Each year in the United States there are several stories of children who are hit by cars during this Halloween tradition. Don't be one of the statistics. Remember that children can be very unpredictable and may dart out when/where you don't expect it. It certainly doesn't help the matter that they are excited about being dressed up, in a hurry to get from house to house and probably have limited vision due to the mask or other costume they are wearing. Take extra precautions and ensure everyone's child gets home safely.

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