Eye Injuries - P4

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This week we’ve been looking at eye injuries and safety. This topic is as important for home as it is here at work.

Lawn Care

Whether you are mowing the lawn, using the weed wacker or using a chainsaw or pruning sheers to cut back branches on a tree you should wear your eye protection. Each year thousands of people go to the emergency room with eye injuries while taking care of their lawn.


Every year thousands of people, many of which are children, damage or lose their vision from sports-related eye injuries. However, the good news is that 90 percent of these eye injuries are preventable if appropriate protective eyewear is worn. Encourage your children or grandchildren to wear eye protection while playing tennis, baseball, softball or basketball. Unlike what we have here at work, many stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods sell very stylish safety glasses. Buying a set of these for your children may encourage their use even more.

Other Activities

Paintball, hunting, target shooting, setting off fireworks, wood working and many other leisure activities also have a history of causing eye injuries without the proper eye protection. Ensure you and your families are protected during these activities.

Vision is a terrible thing to lose and prevention is pretty easy with just wearing safety glasses.

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