Cyber Safety - Social Media

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Social media refers social interaction through a suite of technology based tools, many of which are internet based.

This includes, but not limited to, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc.

The number of social networking sites and tools is exploding and such tools have breached the walls of the corporate firewall and;

  • are a part of our most important smartphone apps
  • are a vital tool for any serious job search and
  • are the new way to connect with current and new friends.

The Internet and social media can be an incredible resource as it offer an incredible amount of “real-time” news events. But it also presents new and unfamiliar challenges, and tends to amplify the effects of any ethical misjudgements you might make.

Social Media Ethics

When an employee uses social media in an irresponsible way either on behalf of the organisation or personal media account, it can undermine the organisations ethical practices and exposes it to integrity risk.

Conduct yourself online just as you would in any other public circumstances. Treat those you encounter online with fairness, honesty and respect, just as you would offline. Verify information before passing it along. Avoid actions that might discredit your professional impartiality.

Can my behaviour on my social media account affect my employment?

There is little distinction between your personal and professional life in the digital age, what you do or say, even if it’s outside of working hours, could result in you facing disciplinary consequences, even the loss of your job.

Don’ts of social networking

  • Avoid Making False or Misleading statement
  • Don’t believe everything you read.
  • Do Not Disclose Privileged or Confidential information

Safety Tips for Social Networking

  1. Sharing Too Much Information (TMI)
    1. never share your ID number
    2. home address or home phone number, and
    3. bank account and credit card information.
  2. Customize privacy options. Social networking sites increasingly give users more control over their own privacy settings. Don’t assume you have to take whatever default settings the site gives you.
  3. Limit work history details on LinkedIn.
  4. Don't violate your company's social networking /ICT policies

What you put on the internet is like a tattoo, it’s very, very difficult to remove!

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