LOTO - More Than a Lock Part 4

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Lockout/Tagout is more than just putting a yellow lock on the main electrical disconnect to a machine or part of a machine. Knowing how to lockout something is critical.

Various energy sources and devices have different methods for ensuring the energy is isolated.

For electrical cabinets, in most case it is just a matter of placing a lock on the built-in hasp to the disconnect. However, other energy sources may require the use of additional lockout devices to accomplish the task.

We have many devices available to lockout different types of valves and the like. For gate valves similar to your home’s outside water hose valve, there are covers that encase the entire handle to prevent anyone from turning it.

For ball valves that do not have a place for a lock, there are devices built that will hold it in the off position (either parallel or perpendicular to the pipe) and can be locked in place.

For larger valves for large gas pipes we have lockable bags where the handle can be removed after being shut off and placed inside the bag and locked in place.

For pneumatic (air) quick disconnect hoses there is a device we have that the male end of the coupling goes into and gets locked into this device with a padlock.

There are numerous devices available for very specific needs and applications. If you are in a situation where you are unsure how to lockout a specific energy source, just ask . . . we have a device that can do it.

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