Man Killed After Being Pinned Between Tractor and Trailer

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Loading Dock Accident Causes Fatality - The News-Times, Hartford City, IN

A 34 year old employee of International Paper, 717 N. 200 West Hartford City, was killed in an accident on a loading dock Monday morning Nov. 12. The name of the employee has not yet been released, pending notification of family members.

According to Hartford City Police Deputy Chief Greg Bonewit, a truck backed into a trailer, pinning the employee between the trailer and the truck. The company puts glad hand locks on the trailers and the locks must be physically removed, Bonewit said.

The driver, who was employed by Frontier Transport, a carrier that hauls for the company, saw in his mirror the employee wave. He interpreted that as an okay to back up. In the meantime, the employee stepped between the trailer and the truck and was pinned there.

It was miscommunication between the driver and the employee. He thought it was okay to backup, Bonewit said.

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