Fatal Laceration?

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When we think of fatal injuries we typically think of crushing events, falls, electrocutions and the like. How about a laceration? Yes those can be fatal also:

Atlanta Journal Constitution – February 24, 2012
A federal agency is investigating the death of a worker at a Savannah recycling plant, who died after a chain of events that begin with a cut to his hand.

Authorities say the worker died Tuesday after a Sunday accident at Southern Metals Recycling's plant on Tremont Road.

Michael Day, owner of the temporary staffing firm StaffCo, tells The Savannah Morning News that 26-year-old Fernando Aburto cut his hand while stripping insulation from wire at the plant.

Day said the worker then fainted at the sight of the blood, hit his head on concrete and was taken to a hospital.

Day said StaffCo provides workers for Southern Metals Recycling. The recycling company referred questions about the matter to StaffCo

Although not an everyday occurance, we must understand that these types of escalations are a real possibility. Even the slightest injury can escalate. Things like infection are perhaps the biggest potential complication that can occur from a cut. Although typically not fatal, failure to clean and dress eve the most minor lacerations can lead to infections that may indeed become life threatening.

The key to this topic is to treat each and every injury as one that could escalate beyond the first look. If you are a first responder take all the precautions necessary to ensure that the injury isn’t escalated.

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