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Almost every month somewhere in the news you can read about a working being injured or killed when a trench they were working in collapses. These injuries and fatalities are preventable with planning and proper execution of safety precautions.

Trench collapses can occur without warning, regardless of the depth. The vast majority of trenching fatalities occurs in trenches 5- to 15-feet deep. These depths invite taking chances, and often times it is the good, safe-looking material that turns out to be the unsuspecting killer. But trench cave-ins don't have to happen. The following information can help you avoid these potentially deadly accidents.

Make sure you know and follow the requirements:

General Requirements

Requirements For Protective Systems:

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Can you send me a link on tool box talks that pertain to my industry.. excavating an underground utility work...
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Utilize the search feature, if nothing comes up then that is all we currently have on the site. Would highly appreciate it if you would share your own with our community.