Driving Awareness

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We all go to these company safety meeting what a waste of time. I been driving for years and they have this guy who doesn’t even drive a truck come and tell me how to drive.  I have to get on the road, I have 200 stops to make today and he wants to tell me how to drive. Do you know this guy or one like him?

This is Joe Smith we all know him and at times we are him. Joe started his day like any other a boring safety meeting and rushing to get on the road.  It was snowing the day that Joe had his accident, snowing hard but the job needed to get done. He was driving down the three lane highway in the middle lane doing 40 miles an hour. Why do they people in cars go so slow in the middle, lane don’t they know this is the hammer lane for trucks? That safety meeting made me late. I have to make up for my lost time. But like most inpatient drivers, Joe did not realize the roads were getting slippery after all he had not had to hit his brakes in miles. Then it happened the car in front of him made a sudden move to stop. That’s when it all happened Joe hit his brakes and the truck did not slow down but instead slipped on the snowy surface and hit the car in front of him. His truck jumped on top of the car killing the driver and two kids on the way to school.

There are many reasons in life that we are unaware of the things that are going on around us. Road conditions in the winter change mile after mile. We have no control over other vehicles around us. Though we do control the one we drive. Have you ever been driving and have someone suddenly stop, or come around a curve only to find a big ice patch and it is too late. Cars and trucks today have technology on their side to go where in the past we would just spin our wheel. But when it comes to stopping, we are all the same; they don’t stop on a dime in slippery conditions. We might not even know because it is so easy to get going. Take time on your trip in bad weather. Let’s not be like Joe Smith who now lives, the haunting memories of a dead mother and children he kill by not being aware.

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