Aerial Lift Safety

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We have several aerial lifts (JLG, Snorkel, scissor lifts, articulating boom platforms, etc.) around our facility.

Today we're going to review some safety tips for those working in and around this equipment.

  • As with other powered vehicles, inspect the lift prior to utilizing it. Walk around and ensure there are no leaks, check to ensure all the controls are functioning correctly.
  • Never walk under the boom to gain access to the platform.
  • Only utilize the lift on level ground.
  • Only stand on the platform floor. Never stand or sit on the railing.
  • Always look in the direction the machine is moving.
  • Do not rest the boom or basket on a steel structure of any kind.
  • Wear safety harnesses and tie-off to the manufacture provided anchorage point within the platform at all times when you're in the basket. This includes when you are lowered and moving the equipment to another location.
  • Keep your hands the external portion of the basket when raising or lowering the basket.
  • Ensure that a fire extinguisher is mounted in the basket when performing activities that present a fire hazard such as welding or grinding. Ensure you have a fire watch person below.
  • Except in a case of an emergency, ground controls shall not be operated on an occupied lift (lift occupant shall be in full control of the lift at all times).

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I'm glad you mention that ground controls should not be operated except in emergency situations. I can imagine that having the lift move when you're not in control of it would be one of the most unnerving experiences! For the safety and well-being of everyone involved, it's much smarter to let the man in the lift be in charge of what's happening with the machine.