Fire Prevention Week - Vehicles

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This week is National Fire Prevention Week and an important time to look at preventing fires both here and at home. Today we’ll look at vehicle fires. This applies to automobiles as well at forklifts and other powered industrial equipment we use here.

Between 2002-2005, highway-type vehicle fires accounted for 18% of reported fires and 13% of U.S. deaths. On average, 33 highway vehicle fires were reported per hour. These fires killed one person a day. Cars and other passenger vehicles account for the vast majority of highway vehicle fires and associated losses. In 2002-2005, only 19% of highway vehicle fire actually occurred on highways; 33% occurred on streets, roads or driveways, and 17% were in parking lots.

Most vehicle fires resulted from mechanical or electrical failures or malfunctions.

If a vehicle fire occurs:

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