Fire Prevention Week - Quiz Pt1

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This week has been designated National Fire Prevention Week as sponsored by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). In observance of this we’ll be talking about fire prevention and safety this week during our toolbox talks. We’ll start off by testing our current knowledge by taking a quiz today and tomorrow: (Presenter, read the question and let them answer. Correct answer is noted)

1. The leading causes of home fire deaths are:
a Cooking and heating.
b Cooking and electrical.
c Smoking and electrical.
d Smoking and heating. CORRECT

2. You should stay in the kitchen when you are:
a Baking.
b Frying. CORRECT
c Simmering.
d Steaming.

3. Most heating fire deaths are caused by:
a Chimneys.
b Furnaces.
c Space heaters. CORRECT
d Wood stoves.

4. You should never smoke in a home with:
a Gas heat.
b Older adults.
c Oxygen in use. CORRECT
d Paper clutter.

5. Smoke alarms should be replaced every?
a 5 years.
b 10 years. CORRECT
c 15 years.
d 20 years.

So how did you do? Tomorrow we'll complete the quiz.

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