Elements of Combustion

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Any program on fire prevention and safety is based on a clear understanding of how materials ignite. In order for a fire to occur, three elements are required; Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel. These elements are frequently shown as the "fire triangle."

The elements of combustion are very similar to the construction of a triangle: All sides must come together before a fire can occur. Therefore, the goal of a fire safety program is to keep these elements apart. Since oxygen is present in nearly all-industrial work situations we must separate or control the heat and fuel sources to reduce the chances of fire.

Take a look around your work areas today and everyday where both heat and fuel sources may be found. And remember . . . housekeeping is important. Keep your work areas clean and organized.


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Has anyone had experience with dropping an e-cig into a tanker of gasoline? Has anyone had experience with dropping an e-cig into any flammable liquid?