Air Exchange and Confined space!!!!!!

Grant Fairbunr
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More often than not, I will always come across confined space setup's that has been poorly setup putting me in a position to shut them down and help educate the workers.

We have a good confined space course developed here onsite. I had an opportunity to be part of the instructional end of it. One thing I felt was lacking was the importance of good air exchange being sure the air is being purged "X" amount of times an hour in accordance to the workers atmosphere. There is only one small section regarding air movement within the space itself. So is it me or are we not paying enough attention to the importance of a healthy work atmosphere, after all, this is one of the main reasons for Confined Space protocol.

Please share your thoughts towards this topic; any and all stories regarding to struggles, recommendations and victories towards this subject would be greatly appreciated.

At this time I am working hard with our training department to improve this knowledge and understanding of air exchange.

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