Shortcuts Part 4

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It Won't Happen To Me

Basically, most of us are just thinking about getting the job done and we tend to rationalize the risk of getting injured. We think to ourselves that we have done this job many, many times this way and nothing bad has happened. Therefore, nothing bad will happen to us today.

On an intellectual level, we realize there is a potential danger but decide that the risk of being injured is low. Because we have not been injured so far, we actually think of ourselves as being very safety conscious. We know the right way to do it, we realize that it is hazardous to do it this way, but what we are really thinking to ourselves is "it won't happen to me."

This week as we’ve talked about shortcuts all week, how many of you changed a behavior? How many of you put the machine in an energy safe position EACH AND EVERY TIME you went into the machine?

It may not have happened to you yet, but that is just a matter of time. The safety pyramid tells the story: If you continue to commit unsafe acts and take shortcuts, then sooner or later you will be the victim of an industrial accident.

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